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We create relevant workshops that engage people in a way that activates mind, movement, creativity and experimentation.

They’re grounded in the latest techniques and ways of working efficiently in the increasingly complex 21st century. You need to experience how effective that could be. Read our manifesto for more information.

According to the World Economic Forum, it's estimated that 75% of today's existing companies will be replaced by 2027. Businesses need to adopt a new brave way of working that enables quick testing, iteration and using the intelligence of people in the room. Our workshops propel this intelligence by levelling out organisational hierarchies that might otherwise hinder innovation.

“Facilitation is the art of leading people through processes towards agreed upon objectives, in a way that fosters participation, creativity and ownership from all involved” - David Sibbet.

We believe everyone holds a piece of the truth, and that there is more than one right answer. As facilitators, we are there to guide you through the process, and the process only - so that you can immerse yourself fully to the matter at hand. By asking questions, summarizing, paraphrasing and encouraging the participants, we catalyze people's potential and the innovative abilities of your organisation.

Participants 5-200 people.

"What I liked the most about your workshops was the way you’ve designed them with different stops. We got to write, draw, talk and dance together which was really effective, because we’re not very good learners when we just sit in our seats."

Participant from Balettakademin

We're on a mission to create better understanding and collaboration between people.

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